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Across the River: The People, Places, and Culture of East Athens

Maxine Pinson Easom and Patsy Hawkins Arnold

With 648 pages containing 451 illustrations, many never before published, this book not only fills a gap in the known history of Athens, Georgia, but also provides first-hand accounts of early and mid-20th century community life.


Maxine Pinson Easom and Patsy Hawkins Arnold are native East Athenians: Maxine grew up on Little Oconee Street; Patsy grew up on Oak Street. They attended Oconee Street Elementary, attended church and Vacation Bible School at both Oconee Street Methodist and East Athens Baptist churches, and reared their children in East Athens.

Over the past six years, having both retired from careers with the Clarke County School District, they have devoted their time and efforts to discovering, describing, and drafting the history of the neighborhood community that gave them the values, skills, and faith that have shaped their lives. Through research that included interviews with neighbors, school mates, family, and friends, they have brought to life an integral part of Athens that has long been overlooked, proving for the first time a clear view of the origin of the city and a history that spans into the current day.

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