Avid Bookshop Gift Card

The Avid Bookshop Gift Card is the perfect gift for any avid reader. Support your favorite local bookshop by purchasing a gift card! Gift card can be shipped nationwide, or we can send an e-gift card

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Want to give some Avid bucks to a local school? You can buy a gift card here and type in "Avid in Schools donation," and we can earmark those funds for our special #avidinschools initiative. 

Interested in our stellar Avid Reader VIP card? You can buy one here by buying a gift card--just note that the minimum amount on the Avid Reader VIP gift card is $500. Be sure to make a note in the "message" section below that this is an Avid Reader VIP card purchase.

For information on how to use gift cards to shop at Avid Bookshop, visit our Help & FAQs page.

Paper Gift Cards for Mail or Pick Up

150 Character Limit
USPS Gift Card shipping is $1.00 at checkout.