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Avid Bookshop Gift Certificate

The Avid Bookshop Gift Certificate is the perfect gift for any avid reader. Support your favorite local bookshop by purchasing a gift certificate! Gift certificates can be shipped nationwide, or we can send an e-gift card! 

Want to give some Avid bucks to a local school? You can buy a gift card here and type in "Avid in Schools donation," and we can earmark those funds for our special #avidinschools initiative. 

Interested in our stellar Avid Reader VIP card? You can buy one here by buying a gift certificate--just note that the minimum amount on the Avid Reader VIP gift certificate is $500. Be sure to make a note in the "message" section below that this is an Avid Reader VIP certificate purchase. 

USPS Gift Card shipping is $1.00 at checkout. Email delivery is free.