Avid Discounts for Volume Purchases

Avid Bookshop can offer special Business-to-Business discounts for schools, businesses, organizations, and individuals who are buying at least 25 copies of the same title and will not be selling those copies to a third party. These purchases will be tax-free for eligible tax-exempt organizations and will include free drop-shipping directly to you. Avid booksellers and staff experts in a variety of areas will be delighted to help you find the best titles that suit your needs! And the more copies you buy, the better discounts you will receive.

Who might be interested in participating in our volume purchase program?

  • teachers, educators, and nonprofits giving books to students for summer reading, honors program book clubs, literacy initiatives, and new student orientations
  • client service businesses looking for gift ideas to attract new clients and to show their gratitude for a current client’s business
  • real estate agents who want to give clients special Athens-related books before or after closing
  • small and large business human resource departments for employee training sessions and company bonding activities
  • churches and religious organizations offering gifts for congregation members or to update books for services
  • pediatricians and OBGYNs offering early child development books to educate new parents
  • health professionals offering information about conditions for newly diagnosed patients and advice for continued recovery strategies
  • authors who want multiple copies of their own books to give to friends and family (and still get counted by the New York Times  bestseller list!)
  • so much more!

Please email me, Ian McCord, at ian@avidbookshop.com with any questions or book requests and I will have a quote available for you within 24-48 hours of your request. Thank you for supporting your local independent bookshop as you consider your large volume book purchases!

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At minimum, quantities must be at least 25 copies of a single title to qualify for a discount. Orders containing more than one title may not qualify.