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Avid Sticker Club Membership


In the last few years, the resurgence of stickers has been one of the best things about my job at Avid. I'm a lifelong sticker collector, and it wasn't too long ago that many people saw an affection for stickers as a childish instead of childlike. Independent artists worldwide have risen to the challenge, creating timely and lovely vinyl stickers that look just as good in your sticker book as they do on your laptop, car bumper, bicycle, coffee mug, or water bottle. 

What's the next best thing to picking out stickers at the bookshop? Why, getting them in your mailbox each month!

Announcing the Avid Snail Mail Sticker Club. Each month, members get 3 vinyl stickers and one pre-stamped* greeting card to send to a loved one. The minimum subscription is 3 months. This is the perfect thing to buy yourself or to buy for a friend who could use a burst of happiness. 

Fill out the short quiz here and we'll get the ball rollin'. Include the recipient's name and address at checkout and select "Sticker Club Membership" at checkout for shipping (only applicable for orders containing only Sticker Club Memberships).

Yours in sticker collecting,
Janet G. (owner/founder, Avid Bookshop)


*International club members will receive a greeting card but it won't be stamped, as I only have US postage available to me

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