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Blind Date with a Book

Blind Date With a Book product image

Spend this Valentine's Day with a companion who won't let you down! 

Let our expert matchmakers pair you with the perfect read. Choose from among nine dating profile categories, and we'll do the rest. We'll hand over (or mail) a beautifully wrapped paperback in your chosen category and you'll get to spend some time with someone new and exciting. Not ready to settle down with just one date? Want to try out a few options? Go for it--no judgment here! Just pick your first profile, add to cart, and navigate back to this page to pick another.

Perhaps you're not seeking bookish love yourself but want to surprise someone who is: you can definitely buy this as a surprise gift for locals or out-of-towners.

The Profiles:

  • The Nonconformist - I love long walks on the road less traveled.
  • The Nature Lover - Whatever we do, it can’t be indoors.
  • The Practical One - In bed by 9–but sometimes 10 if I’m feeling frisky.
  • The Poetic One - The heart swells! A passionate turn or two awaits us!
  • The Creative - Let’s be each other's muse.
  • The Experimentalist - Looking for a freak in the streets.
  • The Historian - We’ve got a beautiful future together…in the past.
  • The Grounded Optimist - Hoping to find someone I can depend on.
  • The Escapist - Get me out of here.