Avid Book Subscriptions

The Avid Book Subscriptions Program is one of the most wonderful services Avid provides. Each month, the subscriptions team hand-selects a separate title for each subscriber, each one tailored to suit his, her, or their individual tastes.


text "happy reading" subscription snail on a stack of books

You can choose to make any subscription auto-renew at the time of purchase. Our one month/monthly tier is designed for readers who would prefer to pay for their subscription monthly, though it is not required. If chosen, booksellers will process your recurring payment at the end of your selected time span available in monthly, three-month, six-month, and twelve-month options. To aid in recurring subscription payments, save your credit card at checkout.

Each subscriber will fill out a short preliminary survey before the program manager makes the first selection. This survey will give the manager an idea of what to select, as well as what NOT to select, for a subscriber.

Avid accepts exchanges for subscription books in-store only, and only if the book is in sellable (brand-new) condition. That said, let the program manager know if you don't like a book. Odds are you'll get a little bonus to make up for it in the following month's package.

Avid offers one-month, three-month, six-month, and twelve-month options. We are also willing to stagger the arrival of the books to suit each subscriber's reading schedule. For example, we have a couple subscribers who like to receive their books every other month, rather than month by month. Purchasers can choose to make their subscriptions recurring.

a cartoon cat opening a mailbox with a subscription mailer inside

  Board Book Picture Book Young Readers Adult Paperback
1 Month/Monthly $25 $40 $35 $40
3 Months $75 $110 $95 $110
6 Months $150 $215 $185 $215
1 year + 1 bonus book $300 $420 $360 $420

Prices include all books, nationwide shipping, and adorable packaging. International orders: a bookseller will contact you for additional shipping charges after purchase. 

Subscriptions are sent mid-month after a subscriber fills out their subscription survey. For example, if someone completes their survey to us by March 10th, typically they will start receiving books in April. The sooner the subscription survey is filled out, the sooner the first book ships.

Sticker Club Membership

For an additional fee, our booksellers will pick out a high quality vinyl sticker to be included with the subscriber's book. Our selection includes timely and lovely vinyl stickers from independent artists that look just as good in your sticker book as they do on your laptop, car bumper, bicycle, coffee mug, or water bottle.

A drawing of a subscription mailer with text "book," "dear reader" on a pink book, and "yay books" with a rainbow