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I thought I had this one pegged. A collection of stories about "failed" parents and the children who suffer them. Stories about children who leave their parents behind and are absolutely better for it; I was delighted to be wrong. There is nothing "absolute" about these stories. Nope. Evers is too good for that. And his characters are too fully realized. Young and old, rich and poor, parent and child, every person you encounter in a Stuart Evers story heartbreakingly familiar. You want to hold them all. Parent and child, alike.

— Will


Your Father Sends His Love heralds the powerful American debut of a bold new literary talent.

Stuart Evers writes with uncanny psychological acuity. The inventive, elegant stories in Your Father Sends His Love illuminate the precarious and electrifying connections between parents and children. Evers’s unforgettable characters long to repair relationships that have faltered or that never quite began. A single father goes to jail for avenging a hate crime perpetrated against his gay son; a mother returns home to her husband and children after an affair; an aging grandfather mediates between his quarreling son and granddaughter; a man waits at the pub, frantically listing things he might say to a suffering friend.

With wit, subtlety, and uncommon sensitivity, Evers captures those pivotal moments between parents and children when emotions are urgently felt yet impossible to express. In this, he explores new realms of passion and estrangement. With his precise, energetic prose, Evers crafts a group of stories that explore familial love in all of its forms.

About the Author

A former bookseller, Stuart Evers is the award-winning author of Your Father Sends His Love, Ten Stories About Smoking, the acclaimed novel If This Is Home, and, most recently, The Blind Light. He lives in London.

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Wit is a precision weapon, and Stuart Evers is astonishingly precise. It takes an enormous and well-calibrated brain to put together a collection like Your Father Sends His Love. It is one of the funniest—savagely funny, tenderly funny—and therefore one of the most moving books I’ve read in a long time.

— Teju Cole

Proof that the story form remains in rude health. Quietly brilliant and moving.
— Ian Rankin

A thrillingly inventive collection of stories about alienation and longing and dread. Stuart Evers writes with great subtlety about all the ways we estrange ourselves from the people we love and about the rare moments of grace in which we somehow stumble home again.
— Jenny Offill

Evers’s everymen break my heart.
— Eimear McBride
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ISBN: 9780393285161
ISBN-10: 0393285162
Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company
Publication Date: January 18th, 2016
Pages: 320
Language: English