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Kristin Lavransdatter (Hardcover)

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This grand, sweeping tale of life in 14th-century Norway will immerse you in a stark yet rich world of romance, betrayal, and familial love that spans generations. Kristen is a facintating character; a passionate, stubborn woman who will become as beloved to readers as Jane Eyre and Dorothea Brooke.

— Hannah DeCamp


"The finest historical novel our 20th century has yet produced; indeed it dwarfs most of the fiction of any kind that Europe has produced in the last twenty years."

-- Contemporary Movements in European Literature, edited by William Rose and J. Isaacs

"As a novel it must be ranked with the greatest the world knows today." -- Montreal Star

"Sigrid Undset's trilogy embodies more of life, seen understandingly and seriously... than any novel since Dostoievsky's Brothers Karamazov. It is also very probably the noblest work of fiction ever to have been inspired by the Catholic art of life." -- Commonweal

"No other novelist, past or present, has bodied forth the medieval world with such richness and fullness of indisputable genius.... One of the finest minds in European literature."

-- New York Herald Tribune

"This trilogy is the first great story founded upon the normal events of a normal woman's existence. It is as great and as rich, as simple and as profound, as such a story should be."

-- Ruth Suckow in the Des Moines Register

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"We consider it the best book our judges have ever selected and it has been better received by our subscribers than any other book," says the Book-of-the-Month Club.

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ISBN: 9780394432625
Publisher: Knopf
Publication Date:
Pages: 1088