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Charles@Afghanistan: Crazy Encounters from the Not-So-Front Lines (Paperback)

Charles@Afghanistan: Crazy Encounters from the Not-So-Front Lines By Charles McDonald Holt Cover Image
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With remarkable insight and a down-home clarity about daily life in war-torn Afghanistan, a truck driver for the U.S. Military shows that while war may never be fun, it doesn't mean that it can't be funny. charles@afghanistan Told in a series of email exchanges to his family and friends, Charles McDonald Holt recounts the many fascinating situations he endured while on his own personal tour of duty, a true recounting from this "stranger in a strange land." Here are a series of stories, sometimes harrowing, sometimes laugh out loud funny, but always thought-provoking. Read about fallen comrades' ceremonies, plumbing that is both primitive and mystifyingly complicated at the same time, and how he once shared his chicken dinner with the biggest wasp he had ever seen: "He is as large as a Bumble Bee, the color of a Red Wasp, and his tail is black in color with a big yellow ring. He looked like a hornet on steroids." Holt sees it all, and tells it all-and never loses his sense of perspective. His stories have heart and humor, and his is also a truth-teller. His was an experience he'll never forget. His tales are ones you'll always remember. CHARLES McDONALD HOLT was born and raised in South East Texas. He has spent many years as a Police Officer in Texas and driven trucks for a living for as many years, and is currently working as Safety Manager in the Construction industry. Charles lives in South East Texas, with his wife Roxane and happy to be back on American soil, all in one piece, swatting at bugs he recognizes that are not as big as his head.

About the Author

From the Author What initially began as a few emails to friends has turned into an ongoing documentary. My wife, Roxane, and I had just come home to Texas, after being on tour with some well-known Broadway musicals for the last three years. I would like to say we were part of the show, singing and dancing, but I can't. Rox could probably pull it off but not this fat boy. We just owned one of the trucks it took to move these shows from city to city. It was great fun until tragedy struck. First we had a major engine malfunction to the tune of $38,000.00 - let me tell you that hurt. We spent a lot of time and money in the selection and purchase of a new truck. Almost immediately upon our purchase my wife's stepdad passed away, another tragedy. I found myself on tour without my helpmate because she went to be with her mother. I did not like it one bit. I found myself in a strange truck by myself, and I felt as lost as a man could feel. I did the only thing a man of my higher learning could be expected to do in a time of crisis like that--I quit my job and sold my truck! I know. I'm a wuss. But it seemed like a good idea at the time. I soon found out I didn't have the money it took to live a normal life without a job so I started looking for work. My dad used to tell me the only problem he ever had with looking for work is that he always found it, and I think I have the same curse. I was hired on to go to Afghanistan and drive a truck for the US Military. I wrote an email to my family and friends to let them all know what I was doing and then followed up that email with others just to keep everybody up to date. What started as a note to friends has turned into the journal you are about to read. This journal really has no specific intent other than to share with my friends what this old Texas boy (not really old, just a figure of speech) was experiencing outside the confines of the southeast Texas piney woods. As I rewrite all of my emails, I will try and take away the email format by combining each story as gracefully as I can for your enjoyment. All of the original stories are here in their entirety and many are untouched in the way they read. In some, however, I have gone more in depth and expanded upon the original material. You will discover I begin a lot of my paragraphs with the word "I". A simple explanation is the fact that I am talking about me. What can I say? I hope you enjoy my story.
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ISBN: 9780615783079
ISBN-10: 0615783074
Publisher: Tenderfoot Productions
Publication Date: November 7th, 2013
Pages: 186
Language: English