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No Stone Left Unturned: A Fourteen Year Travel Adventure through the Bible Lands (Paperback)

No Stone Left Unturned: A Fourteen Year Travel Adventure through the Bible Lands Cover Image
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This is a profoundly meaningful and exciting book ...The staggering, and the authors share amazing insights, smarts, positive energy, and humor.

-Joe Armstrong. Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of New York Magazine; Publisher and COO of Rolling Stone; Top advisor to the President of ABC NEWS and anchor Peter Jennings.

With geographical and biblical precision, along with colourful descriptions of the family's experiences, this book opens our eyes to the beauty and wonder of the ancient Near East. There is nothing dry, dusty, or arid in this account.

-Rev Dr. Stafford Carson, Principal Emeritus, Union Theological College, Belfast.

This book is designed to introduce the reader to many of the major narratives of the Bible, beginning with Abraham and other patriarchs, Israel's Judges and Prophets, Jesus Christ, Paul, and John's Seven Churches in Revelation. This covers considerable geography from Iran (biblical Persia) and Iraq in the east, through Jordan, Egypt, Syria, Israel, and Lebanon, to Turkey, Greece, and Italy in the west. It is not a theological text, but mostly our travel logs from 1991-2004 when we had the opportunity to visit almost all known Bible sites. Occasionally we describe some of the more obscure sites, but the emphasis is on our experiences. Often these experiences were funny, exciting, frustrating, sometimes daring, and on occasion a little dangerous. Together, often with our two children, we drove through fields, along tracks, through fruit groves and shallow rivers, and into some quite intimidating areas. We had stones thrown at us at least five times, robbed three times, stopped by police or army five times, had many exciting border crossings, including one where we were within seconds of being shot by Israeli border guards-and we had one car accident-this all to experience these Bible lands.

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ISBN: 9781486621828
ISBN-10: 1486621821
Publisher: Word Alive Press
Publication Date: December 15th, 2021
Pages: 378
Language: English