Edible Crafts Kids' Cookbook Ages 4-8: 25 Fun Projects to Make and Eat! (Paperback)

Edible Crafts Kids' Cookbook Ages 4-8: 25 Fun Projects to Make and Eat! By Charity Mathews Cover Image

Edible Crafts Kids' Cookbook Ages 4-8: 25 Fun Projects to Make and Eat! (Paperback)


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Deliciously fun edible art projects in a fun cookbook for kids ages 4-8!

What could be cooler than making a masterpiece you can eat? The Edible Crafts Kids' Cookbook will get little Picassos swishing, swirling, mixing, and molding in the kitchen as they create super fun art projects they'll delight in and devour when they're done.

This must-have cookbook for kids will let them have their art and eat it too using:
  • Flavor-filled fun and learning—Kids will craft 25 sweet and savory delights from real food, everything from constellation cookies to monster-faced veggie cups. As they knead, frost, and measure their way through each recipe they'll learn cooking and science skills.
  • Simple instructions—Keep fidgety fingers busy and on task using simple steps and plenty of pictures that make it easy to see what you're creating together.
  • Edible art for all—Each recipe is rated by difficulty and includes labels for dairy free, gluten free, nut free, and vegetarian options. This way it's easy to pick the perfect project and ensure everyone in the family can indulge in each tasty creation.

Spark their creativity, teach them invaluable kitchen skills, and inspire a lifelong love of food with the Edible Crafts Kids' Cookbook for ages 4-8.
CHARITY CURLEY MATHEWS is a former executive at Martha Stewart and HGTV who’s now a family food writer at Foodlets.com. She’s been featured on Food Network.com, Huffington Post, WHUP radio, ABC 11-TV, and more.
Product Details ISBN: 9781638070344
ISBN-10: 1638070342
Publisher: Rockridge Press
Publication Date: September 28th, 2021
Pages: 126
Language: English
"Little ones will delight in making these fun, colorful food creations—all the while building confidence and skill in the kitchen and comfort around all kinds of different foods. It's a win-win!" —Sally Kuzemchak, MS, RD, author of Real Mom Nutrition (realmomnutrition.com)

"Charity Mathews has done it again, and I think this is my favorite of her books so far! Edible Crafts brings her signature organization, practical tips, and gorgeous photos but serves them up with a huge helping of fun and whimsy that I know will invite the most reluctant chefs (young and old) to make the kitchen their new favorite creative spot. I appreciate how well-thought-out and approachable the instructions are, and LOVE that this book includes intentional space for notes. As a person who has always marked up the margins of my cookbooks, this encourages the youngest readers to make this book their own." —Virginia M. Lozuke, Montessori educator and blogger

"Every family needs this book. Food and creativity are synonymous, and this book marries the two. Charity's warm, friendly, and experienced advice gives parents the tools they need to create positive and empowering experiences in the kitchen for their children. Forget searching social media platforms for adventurous and easy ways to be imaginative with your children, Edible Crafts Kids Cookbook Ages 4-8 has everything you need to help make long-lasting memories with your children that will also encourage a positive relationship with food that will last them a lifetime." —Laura Keogh, co-creator of Sweet Potato Chronicles.com and author of How to Feed a Family and The School Year Survival Guide

"Edible Crafts Kids Cookbook Ages 4-8 is full of colorful, fun, and mouthwatering activities. Getting kids into the kitchen like this encourages their creativity, especially when the recipes are crafty and clever. I can't wait to get my little one cooking these!" —Shannon Vestal Robson, Mother.ly editorial director

"Charity took playing with your food to the next level in this super cute cookbook. It's obvious that she designed these crafty recipes to be fun for both caregivers and kids, and that's no easy feat. She keeps the snacks healthy and light while still making eating them a special event! Who needs junk food when you can have awesome food instead?" —Jamie Harrington, bestselling author of 101 Kid's Coolest Simple Science Experiments and The Unofficial Guide to Crafting the World of Harry Potter and owner of Totally the Bomb