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The Little Helpers: Kati Helps Avoid Hunger (Paperback)

The Little Helpers: Kati Helps Avoid Hunger Cover Image
By Claire Culliford, Emma Allen (Illustrator)


A new series of climate-conscious children's books.

Kati is a kangaroo and she enjoys hopping around the Australian woodland. Kati has a koala friend called Keli. Kati is shocked to hear that Keli is running out of eucalyptus leaves to eat. What can a kangaroo do to help? Brave Kati has an idea to help her friend find the food he needs.

Kati Helps Avoid Hunger is part of the Little Helpers series, written to support the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals. With fantastic, colourful animal characters, the stories show children how helping each other and their environment can be lots of fun


"A delightful series of books that are full of interesting facts about our precious wildlife and environment. Claire's storytelling is both engaging and educational, giving the reader lots of practical ways how they can help wildlife. A must read for any young nature lover." People's Trust for Endangered Species

"The tragedy unfolding for Australia's wildlife is a global story. So it lightens our hearts and strengthens our resolve to see stories for young children that include wonderful and caring Kangaroos like Kati helping other animals, in this case, a very hungry Keli the Koala. We can learn a very great deal from wild animals and here are two great icons of Australian nature to teach us all." Peter Hylands, President, Australian Wildlife Protection Council

"Truthful and inspiring, this story teaches young readers the importance of protecting the environment. Memorable characters, Kati the kangaroo and Keli the koala, remind us all to respect each other's differences and that in the end, it is teamwork and kindness that will save the planet." Emma Girvan, PR and Communications, The Australian Koala Foundation

"Bella is a beautiful book. I am pleased on behalf of the BBKA to support a book which will educate everyone about bees and how we can ALL help them increase pollination." Anne Rowberry, Chair of The British Beekeepers Association

"Penny Helps Protect The Polar Ice Caps educates and inspires children to creatively combat the effects of climate change and protect penguins' natural habitat. It raises awareness of an important issue through a fun, fictional story based on scientific facts, which is extremely engaging for children. APECS Bulgaria supports the educational value of the story in this book and and the other books in The Little Helpers series." Iglika Trifonova, Chair of APECS Bulgaria

"The books are] a fantastic way to make young people aware of subjects they would usually know very little about at their age, but in a fun and engaging manner." Jason McCartney, MP for Colne Valley

"Claire's passion and enthusiasm for the world around us and how we act within is is infectious - her stories based around animals doing their bit to help the environment really engage children and provide a platform for them to explore some really big questions about our world and the impact of human behaviors in a way that is accessible, allowing children to understand how they can contribute to a cleaner safer Earth. Having Claire read her stories to our children has been a great privilege." Debbie Kelly, Principal, Beaumont Park Academy

"We love Claire's characters - her positive penguins and helpful hedgehogs - but more than that we love her story telling which shows how each and every one of us can do a little bit to help those around us and the environment on which we all depend. Just as all the parks in the David Bellamy scheme are doing " Rufus Bellamy, Manager, David Bellamy Conservation Award Scheme

"Paula Helps Prevent Air Pollution is a fun and accessible way of introducing the next generation to the pressing need for us to live in greater harmony with natural world." Joe Eisen, Executive Director of the Rainforest Foundation UK


Hector Helps Clean up the Park
Penny Helps Protect the Polar Ice Caps
Tyler Helps Find a New Home
Paula Helps Prevent Air Pollution
Kati Helps Avoid Hunger
Bella Helps Increase Pollination
Eddie Helps Locate Water
Pan Pan Helps Shelter From Acid Rain

Product Details
ISBN: 9781800315600
ISBN-10: 1800315600
Publisher: University of Buckingham Press
Publication Date: April 15th, 2021
Language: English