Developmental Psychology: A Guide to Developmental and Child Psychology (Introductory #25) (Paperback)

Developmental Psychology: A Guide to Developmental and Child Psychology (Introductory #25) By Connor Whiteley Cover Image

Developmental Psychology: A Guide to Developmental and Child Psychology (Introductory #25) (Paperback)


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This is book number 25 in the Introductory series.

Do you want to learn about child development?

Do you want to learn how a child develops cognition, language and more?

Do you want an easy to understand and engaging guide to developmental psychology?

If the answer is yes, then this is the book for you as in this book you will learn about a wide range of topics in developmental psychology.

By the end of this book, you will know:

  • What developmental psychology is?
  • What is Attachment, its Types and How it Develops?
  • How Language Develops?
  • How Our Cognition and Brains Develop?
  • And More...


Developmental Psychology Second Edition Content:


Chapter 1: Introduction to Developmental Psychology and Modern Theories

Chapter 2: Research Methods in Developmental Psychology

Chapter 3: The Perceived Link Between Autism and the MMR Vaccine

Part 1: Brain and Cognitive Development

Chapter 4: Brain Development

Chapter 5: Cognitive Development

Chapter 6: Introduction to Theory of Mind

Part 2: The Self Concept, Gender Identity, Attachment and Peers and Play

Chapter 7: Development of The Self Concept

Chapter 8: Gender Identity

Chapter 9: Introduction to Attachment

Chapter 10: Acquiring Attachment and Attachment Types

Chapter 11: Feelings, Relationships and Types of Attachment

Chapter 12: Introduction to Peers and Play

Chapter 13: Peers and Play

Chapter 14: Pretend or Symbolic Play

Chapter 15: Pretend Play, Creativity, Scaffolding, Role-Taking and Imaginary Friends

Chapter 16: Technology, Play and Final Notes

Chapter 17: What is Dramatherapy?

Part Three: Culture, Poverty and Trauma

Chapter 18: Cross-Cultural Development

Chapter 19: Poverty

Chapter 20: Trauma and Childhood Resilience

Part 4: Language Development

Chapter 21: Introduction to Language Development

Chapter 22: Theories of Language Development

Chapter 23: Pragmatic Language and What Influences Language Development?

Part 5: Sensory Development

Chapter 24: Sensory Development and the Development of Vision

Chapter 25: Cognitive Development of Facial Processing

Part 6: Development of Prosocial Behaviour

Chapter 26: Introduction to the Development of Prosocial Behaviour

Chapter 27: Toddlers, Helping Behaviour and Sharing

Chapter 28: Take Home Message, Finetuning Factors and Prosocial Behaviour in Other Species

Part 7: Child and The Media

Chapter 29: Introduction to the Media

Chapter 30: Can Children learn From Video?

Chapter 31: Pre-schoolers and TV

Chapter 32: Overall Do Children Learn from Screen Media?

Part 8: Adolescence

Chapter 33: Adolescence and Biological Transition

Chapter 34: Cognitive Transition

Chapter 35: Social Time and Friendship Changes in Adolescence

Chapter 36: Romantic Relationships, Conflict with Parents and Autonomy

Chapter 37: Personality, Identity and Self Development

Part 9: Atypical Development

Chapter 38: Atypical Development

Chapter 39: Williams Syndrome

Chapter 40: Autism Spectrum Conditions

Chapter 41: Development of Metacognition: A Guide to Metacognition, Metamemory, More and Its Importance

Product Details ISBN: 9781914081446
ISBN-10: 1914081447
Publisher: Cgd Publishing
Publication Date: April 19th, 2021
Pages: 320
Language: English
Series: Introductory