Boxed Greeting Cards & Stationery

Check out our listings below to see the thank you notes as well as cards and stationery sets that fall into the "just because" category. <3 

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Boxed Greeting Cards

Te quiero (I love you) heart-shaped notes - Oblation Papers & Press


These simple, sweet, heart-shaped notes are perfect for the many types of love in your life: love of a partner, a neighbor, a family member, a friend. This boxed set is great for February 14th, sure, but the cards inside will be beloved by the recipients no matter when you send them. 

  • 6 heart-shaped flat notes (1-ply)
  • 1-color letterpress on cream handmade paper heart
  • 3.5 x 5 inch full-deckled flat note with kraft envelope
SKU: 029464

Handwritten Thank You Note Boxed Notecards - Oblation Papers & Press


Lovely notecards from Oblation Papers & Press! Perfect for writers and readers, this design features a calligraphy pen writing out the words "Thank you" in lovely handwriting. Such a great choice for your next thank you note set. 

  • 6 notecards with envelopes
  • 1-ink letterpress on white heavy cardstock
  • 3.5 x 5 inch folded card with house grey envelope
SKU: 029463

Par Avion postcards with envelopes


These vintage-airmail-inspired postcards are perfect for writing a brief "thinking of you" note to next-door neighbors or faraway friends. 8 postcards plus 8 optional-use kraft paper envelopes. From Favorite Story, one of our favorite stationery brands. 

SKU: 025349

Tiger Thank You Boxed Notecards


Big cat = big thanks.

Great for all ages, these cards will be great to keep around for post-holiday and post-birthday thank you notes!

Created by family-owned stationery company Yeppie Paper. 

SKU: 029451

Coneflower Thank You Boxed Notecards


These lavender-colored coneflowers will make your recipient smile even before they open the card to see who it's from! 

Box of 8 notecards with envelopes. Made by family-owned stationery company Yeppie Paper. 

SKU: 029455

Thanks a Bunch! Bouquet boxed card set


Nothing says thank you like a gorgeous bouquet--but a print of an illustration of a bouquet will do in a pinch! This set from family-owned stationery company Yeppie Paper contains 8 cards with envelopes. 

SKU: 029454

Sunflower Thank You Cards - Boxed Set


Did someone do something kind for you recently? There's nothing like sending a handwritten note to make you both feel warm and fuzzy.

Box of 8 cards with envelopes. Made by family-owned stationery company Yeppie Paper. 

SKU: 029456