Eddie's Week

Patrick Dean

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Eddie Lubomir is heading into a quiet week off from work, but the city of Tragoston's Stay at Home Warden Project (S.T.H.W.P.) unexpectedly places a convict in his care...in a prison cell...in his living room! Eddie and his new inmate roommate, Randall, get off to a rocky start but manage to find a way to co-exist and even enjoy each other's company. But when Randall takes advantage of a thin disguise and Eddie's date night with the unflappable Liz to escape his living room prison cell, Eddie must create a wild web of lies that spirals out of control to protect Randall and himself in a city where no one is quite who they seem to be. The rest of Eddie's week becomes an avalanche of theft, robberies, secret organizations, and murder. Romp your way through this absurd crime comedy showcasing wacky government bureaucracy, intermittent show tunes, pissed off bees, bear costume enthusiasts and you, too, will know some of Tragoston's secrets.

Published by Birdcage Bottom Books

6” x 8”, 196 pages. $14 ($2 donated to ALSA)
Full-color cover with b+w interior. Perfect bound

SKU: 9781733150927
Eddie's Week by Patrick Dean cover
Eddie's Week by Patrick Dean interior page 1
Eddie's Week by Patrick Dean interior page 2