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Hello, there! We're happy you're interested in exploring the option of celebrating your published work here at Avid Bookshop.

In the past few years, we have restructured our events program and we are holding fewer events overall. Please complete this form. Within 14-21 business days, our events director will be in touch with a response. Thanks, and congratulations on publishing your book(s) from us here at Avid.

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After years of experience for local events, we have found that our small community cannot support two book events for most authors in regards to having sales high enough to pay for the labor that Avid puts in to market and promote events. When we host authors, we spend hours of time (both staff and interns) promoting your event with various publicity and marketing efforts, and if there has already been one event in town for a book, attendance is almost always lower at the second event. Lower attendance equals lower sales, and Avid ends up at a net loss for the event. As a business model, this is simply not sustainable. If you are still planning on holding another event for this book, we require it is scheduled on a date after our scheduled event so we can try and have a strong attendance and sales for you at your Avid event.
Please list full title.
If none, explain why.
Please list at least three dates. All requests must be submitted no later than EIGHT weeks prior to the suggested event date. In our experience, events are more successful when they are held on Thursday, Friday, or Saturday, and those are our preferred days of the week for events.
Is this title available according to our standard purchase terms? (Avid Bookshop requires at least a 40% discount, free shipping, and that the books be fully returnable. Not sure what this means? Publishers should be able to help with this information.) If your book doesn't meet our standard purchase terms, we require that a book/item be carried per our 50/50 (in your favor) consignment agreement. Once we review your submission, we will talk with you further if consignment seems applicable.
What connections does the author have in the Athens community, and what networks do you expect to utilize for your event?
For smaller or unknown authors who want to have an event at Avid, the best situation is where you are a customer, you know our staff, our staff knows you. For unknown authors, community connections are the best way to sell your book. Avid can only help with this if we can can personally recommend your book to customers because you are part of the Avid community.
If you are not the author, and are filling out this form on the author's behalf, you are required to make sure the author is fully aware of this rule.
Please detail your plans for publicity outreach and describe your strategy for securing media attention (bloggers, radio, print, etc.). Please explain how you plan on achieving this, and be as detailed as possible.
Do you have other events scheduled in Athens, Atlanta or the surrounding area? If so, please list the location(s) and time(s).
Please list any other pertinent information.
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