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Gift Cards at Avid Bookshop

How do I buy a gift card?

How do I use a gift card?

Lost gift cards, found gift cards...


Contactless Pick-up

Contactless Pick-up FAQs


Website Ordering FAQs

How do I order online?

How can I use a gift card online?

Where is my package?

What is the return/refund policy?

Can I cancel an order I placed?

Why am I seeing "Access Denied" when I try to view my order?

What's my password? How do I create a new password?

How do I know if a book is available in store today?

What does it mean when something is "backordered"?

What does it mean when something is "unavailable"?


In-store shopping

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Avid Bookshop Gift Cards

How do I buy a gift card?

Buy in-store, on our website here, or by calling during our business hours. Our number is 706-850-2843. Do you have a long list of recipients (common with end-of-year teacher gifts)? Email us with the number of gift cards you want, the amount per card, and recipients' names (if you have them). A bookseller can create all the cards and then contact you to get payment--easy-peasy. 

Digital gift cards sent by email are available for purchase, as well.

How do I use my gift card?

You can use your gift card in-store, via phone call, or online at 

At the bookshop: just present it at checkout!

Via phone call: call us at 706-850-2843 during business hours.
Via email: if your total purchase amount does not exceed your gift card balance, we can easily process your sale over email. Send us a list of books/items you're looking for and we'll respond with what's available and what your total would be. 

At Avid To use your gift card online, write your gift card number in the "Avid Bookshop Gift Card" section at checkout after inputting your billing address. You must include a payment method when purchasing on our website, even if your gift card amount will cover the purchase.  Your card or PayPal account will be authorized for the full amount of your purchase and will appear on your statement as a pending transaction. A bookseller will email you after your order is processed and your payment will be adjusted accordingly. For most credit cards, a refund should be finalized by your bank in 2-3 business days.


Lost gift cards, found gift cards

Oh, no! I lost my gift card!

No sweat: as long as your gift card had your name on it, we should be able to look up your information so that you can cash in your gift card even if you don't have it on you. 

Whoa, I found a gift card from, like, a five years ago. I should just toss it, huh?

Nope! Our gift cards never expire. (It's true.) And if you have a vague memory of receiving a gift card way back and can't remember if you ever used it, ask a bookseller--we save all gift card info and can look in our system to find out if you have some Avid credit to spend!


Contactless Pick-up

You must wait to be notified via email before coming to pick up your order from our library truck (red cart) outside the shop. When your order is ready for pick-up, you'll get an email with the following subject line: "Your order [Order Number] is ready for contactless pick-up outside of Avid Bookshop." In the email we will remind you of the time frames when you can pick up your order. 

Pick-up will only be available during store hours. Please let us know if you have trouble picking up during these hours by contacting us via phone or email.

By choosing contactless pickup, you release Avid Bookshop from all liability should your book(s) be damaged, stolen, or lost.  

Be sure to maintain social distance.

What this means for you: If you’re local and are placing a new order online, after you've decided what to buy and when you get to the checkout page on our site, you can either choose to have your items shipped or opt for contactless pick-up. If you’re not local, your Avid life will remain the same: we’ll mail you your goodies!


Contactless Pickup FAQs

How do I select contactless pick-up for my order?
Before you enter in your billing information at checkout, under the header "Pick-Up Options," select "I would like to pick this order up at the store."

I live in Athens, but I prefer to stay home. Do I have to go to Avid to pick up my order? 
Nope, it's not required! :) Shipping is still an option for all online customers, no matter if you live in the apartments above us or across the country: we’ll get your books to you in the way that works best for you and your loved ones. 

I'm placing an order for multiple books. Can I pick them up as they come in?
Yes. Please request this in the order comments field before submitting your order.

I can't make the window of time you have allotted for contactless pick-up. Can you leave my book out for me past that window?
We have decided upon the current allotted window of time based on the times we consistently have staff members packing and answering requests in the shop. If you opted for contactless pickup when you placed the order, we will email you (as highlighted above) and then we leave your book(s) on our red library truck (book cart). Please remember that this cart will not be actively attended by Avid staff (though we trust our neighbors and neighborhood not to steal your well-earned reads!).  If you are unable to make it during our current business hours, please call us at (706) 850-2843 or email us and we will make accommodations.

How will I know which book is mine?
Each order will have a note on it that indicates the order number and first and last name of the customer. Orders are organized by last names.

Hey! Someone stole my book!
Before you think all is lost, please ask a bookseller for assistance--we can usually track down orders that you don't immediately see.

It is possible, of course, that books may go missing (though it hasn't happened yet). While our contactless pick-up option is meant to reduce the risk to staff and customer safety, it's unfortunately not without its own set of risks. In order to reduce these risks, we will take a few precautions: we will clearly indicate customers' names on all orders, and a staff member will be working inside the shop near the front window during pick-up hours, which will serve to dissuade potential theft. However, when choosing contactless pick-up, please understand there is a slim potential for theft or accidental pick-up. In these instances, Avid Bookshop will not be held responsible for lost or stolen products, nor are we liable for any damage. We have been doing contactless pickup for two years and have had zero books go missing! If you are not comfortable with these minimal risks, please do not choose contactless pick-up when you're buying online—instead, use the order comments field to request in-store pickup, or opt for shipping.

The book I want is "on your shelves" and there are 3 copies in the store. Can I pick it up the day I place the order?
Sometimes, when our website says a book is in stock, it is physically present yet reserved for another customer. For this and other reasons, we cannot guarantee a same-day turnaround even for books we do have in stock. Generally, online orders are being processed within one business day. As always, we aim to offer exceptional customer service and quick order fulfillment. 

Can I stay in my car and have a bookseller run a book out to me?
If you have accessibility issues, please call us at (706) 850-2843 or email us and we will happily and safely accommodate you. Otherwise, we cannot run books out to cars and will be leaving books on our book truck just outside our front door.

Since you are open for contactless pick-up, can I bring books for the used book program?
We are not currently taking used books. If you have books you need to donate, there is a Little Free Library in front of Fleet Feet Athens on S. Lumpkin Street.

What happens if I forget my pickup and leave it on the carts for months?
We really want to make sure you can pick up your book. Please, if you have trouble making it to our current hours, please contact us at (706) 850-2843 or email us and we'll make an accommodation. We try to remove books from the carts if they've been left out for over a month, after which we will send you a reminder email.

Contactless pick-up orders are ineligible for returns or refunds 14 days after an initial pick-up ready notification has been sent.

After several reminder emails have been sent over the course of 4+ months, we will send you a final email with a deadline to let you know your book will be donated and considered abandoned if we don't hear from you by the deadline. If we do not hear back from you in any capacity before the deadline, your order will be donated and no longer available. While we would much rather have you pick up the books, we cannot hold onto old inventory due to limited storage space. We will make sure that the abandoned book is donated to a local literacy project.

By choosing contactless pickup, you release Avid Bookshop from all liability should your book(s) be damaged, stolen, or lost.  If you're concerned about loss or damage, feel free to opt to have your book(s) shipped instead. Thank you! 


Website Ordering FAQs

How do I order from Avid's website?
If you don't know how to order on our website, watch this instructional tutorial Rachel made. She has the calming, confident voice of a late-night radio DJ hosting a love song request line.

An important first step: you will have to create an account before adding items to your shopping cart, by clicking on the "login" button on the top right. See screenshots below showing how to do this.

A screenshot of our website pointing to the account link


A screenshot of our website pointing to the "Create new account" tab


Please feel free to email us or call us at 706-850-2843 for personal help ordering from our website.

How long will it take to get my order?

For those picking up at the bookshop: Your order may be ready the day you order, or it may be ready in 5-7 business days as we wait for it to arrive from our warehouse. Our booksellers will communicate with you directly to let you know the status. (Yes, we have real, book-loving humans processing every order.) We ask that you please refrain from checking outside the store until you have received an email notification with the subject line that begins with, "Your order [Order #] is ready..."

For those who opted to have orders shipped: As soon as we have your order in-store, we pack it up and mail it to you. 

We ship via USPS Priority Mail (unless we determine another option is more appropriate for your order). After your order arrives at the shop (2-5 business days), it can take between 2-5 additional business days for your book to reach you once we have shipped it.

If you have received a shipping notification from, please do not contact us regarding your package until 15 business days (a.k.a. weekdays that are not federal holidays) have passed. The United States Postal Service (USPS) is doing its very best during this difficult time. Tracking information provided to you is identical to what we see from USPS. If after 15 business days you feel your package is lost, please email us regarding your order and include your order number in the subject line of the email. We are committed to making sure you get your purchases but also recognize that delivery systems are experiencing delays worldwide.

Please check your spam folder for tracking information.

Can I return books?
We want you to love your purchase! Avid is happy to offer store credit or an exchange for most items purchased from us that did not completely satisfy. Items must be in their original, unused condition. Email us and we'll let you know how we can make the return possible.

Some special orders may be ineligible for refunds or exchanges. We do our best to make note of such cases by posting a prominent notice on the website and again as you finish placing your order. Course books cannot be returned unless you drop the class.

Used book sales and event ticket sales are final.

Contactless pick-up orders are ineligible for returns or refunds 14 days after an initial pick-up ready notification has been sent.

Avid Bookshop is not responsible for books sent via USPS Media Mail that are damaged, lost, or mis-delivered. We will do our best to get a replacement copy for you, but we ask that you help us cover the costs of the replacement. Books sent via USPS Priority Mail are insured and booksellers will be happy to assist with the insurance claim process. 

How can I cancel my order?
Orders canceled by customers are refunded in store credit. Please note, items designated as ineigble for a return (we will let you know when we process the order), cannot be canceled after the order is processed. Reply to any email we have sent you regarding your order or send us an email with your order number.

I can't access my account! Why does the site say, "Access denied: You are not authorized to access this page" when I try to look at my order via the link in my order confirmation email? 
Try logging in again and select "Account" from the top menu bar. You can view your past orders that way. 

I'm having trouble logging in and I can't find my password. Can you reset it for me?
Visit this page to have your password reset. Our website will send you a one-time log-in page you can use that will take you to a page prompting you to create a new password. If you have requested a new password and do not see an email, please search your email inbox (including your junk inbox) for an email from Avid Bookshop <do-not-reply [at] indiecommerce [dot] com> with the subject "Replacement login information for [Your Username] at Avid Bookshop." 

I miss you! When are you open? Can I come in and browse the shop?
Girl, we've been open. For more about what that means visit our announcements page.

How do I know if a book is available in store today?
You can check to see if a book is available and on our shelves by looking on a book's page. Search the title, click through to the book's page, and if the availability information above the "add to cart" button says it may be on our shelves, you might be in luck. While we try our best to make sure your inventory numbers are as accurate as possible, there are sometimes errors in what books are available and it sometimes takes an hour for our current inventory numbers to update. When submitting an order, please allow some time for a bookseller to process your online order, as our system is not automated. We will send a confirmation email with the subject line containing "Your order is ready for pick up." If you need to make sure that a book is ready for pick up as soon as possible, you can include a special instruction in the order comments, and we can cancel any book in your order that is not currently on our shelves and adjust your payment accordingly.

What does it mean when a book or gift item is "backordered"?
If an item is backordered, that means it's not currently in stock in our warehouse, but more copies are on the way. The timeline for these reorders can vary drastically. Sometimes it may take a few days, weeks or maybe a couple of months. It is highly recommended you place backordered items as their own separate order, to prevent your order from being held up. After placing your order, we may be in contact with you regarding an anticipated restock date, but please understand these dates are estimates. We will let you know as soon as the book is available and in our store.

What does it mean when a book or gift item is "unavailable"?
If an item is unavailable, that means it's not currently in stock in our warehouse, and no more copies are on the way. We recommend that you do not add these books to your cart. In a few instances, we can get unavailable books directly from the publisher. To check if we can get an unavailable book, we recommend filling out the form below to ask.


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