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Jittery Joe's Avid Blend Coffee

Jittery Joe's Avid Blend Coffee on a stack of books

At Avid Bookshop, we firmly believe that books change readers' lives for the better, and that belief influences everything we do. Avid is an ethically run business with a strong focus on community engagement. We continually challenge ourselves to find creative ways to make Athens better through our #avidgivesback and #avidinschools initiatives, activism, events, book fairs, free author readings, partnerships, book clubs, and more.

Avid Blend Coffee, created for us by roaster Charlie Mustard at Athens' own Jittery Joe's, was the first locally created product we carried when we opened the doors of #avidonprince in 2011. Available in whole bean or ground, Avid Blend is rich, aromatic, and comforting. We think there's nothing better than curling up on your reading chair in the morning, your smart phone set to silent, while you sip coffee and open a book to start your day.

The label was designed by local designer Jessica Magnarella. Of course Janet's #homeofficekitty friends, Satchel and Cubbie, had to make an appearance! 

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