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Across the River: The People, Places, and Culture of East Athens

Maxine Pinson Easom and Patsy Hawkins Arnold

With 648 pages containing 451 illustrations, many never before published, this book not only fills a gap in the known history of Athens, Georgia, but also provides first-hand accounts of early and mid-20th century community life.   ABOUT THE AUTHORS: Maxine Pinson Easom and Patsy Hawkins...
Price: $60.00

Athens Potluck

Jason Thrasher

Photographer Jason Thrasher selected the first musician for the series, Laura Carter of Elf Power and the Orange Twin Collective, photographed her, and asked her five questions; Laura then chose and posed her questions to Will Hart, of Olivia Tremor Control, who chose Julian Koster of Neutral Milk...
Price: $60.00

Autumn's Arrival

LOVEHAWK, David Hale

Written and illustrated by David Hale Autumn’s Arrival is more than the coming of a season; it is the story of a Journey - of the power of Love and the radiant Hope of Family. Orignal full-color woodcut illustrations by Hale accompany this moving story of the adoption of his daughter, Autumn.
Price: $25.00

Classic City Cooking

Juanina Kocher

Classic City Cooking is a cookbook written by local Athenian Juanina Kocher and photographed by J.P. Bond. This coffee-table style, hardcover book is based on the restaurants and chefs of Athens, GA. Classic City Cooking features recipes from 14 local restaurants, an extensive honorable...
Price: $29.95

Everything Mad With Love

David Noah

Everything Mad With Love is a collection of contemporary black and white street photographs. It has roots in 20th Century photography and surrealism but perhaps owes more to fables, fairy tales, dreams, and myths. Most of the images were taken in New York or other large cities, where the...
Price: $25.00

Ghosts of Athens

Tracy L. Adkins

Ghosts of Athens blends the historical with the haunted for more than thirty locations in the Classic City. First, the history of each location unfolds, then details are disclosed of creepy events that occurred there, including contemporary anecdotes, historical folklore, and tales told from one...
Price: $14.95

It Is Well

Ellen L. Walker

It Is Well is the biography of James Russell Smith, an African American man born in Athens, Georgia in 1941. Smith grew up in the Jim Crow South and attended segregated public schools. He was a student at Tuskegee Institute during the Civil Rights Movement and sang in the renowned Tuskegee Choir....
Price: $18.69

Miracles on College Station Road

Row Henson

Miracles on College Station Road chronicles 50 true life animal survival stories that will inspire every pet owner. Author Row Henson takes us on the journey of several dogs and cats, a pot-bellied pig, some horses, a couple of goats, an alpaca, a Siberian tiger and many more furry (and feathered)...
Price: $29.95

Secret Handshakes: The Ike & Jane Manual

Corie Jacobs

READER BEWARE: You're about to realize how much you love butter. And sugar. But mostly butter. Ike & Jane was started in late 2008 on a wing and a prayer and less than one shoestring. They finally opened the door to you, their loyal fanbase and partners in crime, in February 2009. While the...
Price: $35.00

The Athens Coloring Book

Katherine Dunlap and Maddie Zerkel

Featuring local landmarks such as the Tree that Owns Itself and the REM Railroad Trestle, this incredibly fun coloring book captures the creative, vibrant, and often weird spirit of Athens and it's up to you to give it some color. A fantastic gift for grads, visitors, and the Classic City...
Price: $20.00