Avid Match Book

Struggling to pick your next read? Miss coming in to the shop and talking books with Avid's booksellers? We miss you too!

We are so grateful to still be able to communicate with our customers over email during this time. Fill out this form with your information and interests and we will send you recommendations in a few days. Whether you're in a reading rut or you want to add to your nightstand we are happy to help and grateful to be a part of your book journey.

Want a surprise book instead? We do that too! You'll want to head over to our Snail Mail Surprise page to get something that will shock and delight you.

In a rut? Need a push? Want to read about something you've never even dreamed of?
(or just really didn't like)
In the bath? On the train? Upside down? In Spain?
Or, are you secretly a horse girl?
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