Premium Gift Wrap

Premium Gift wrapped packages


For our premium, high-quality and stylish gift wrap, please fill out form and add to cart with items being purchased. For multiple bundles, add to cart and fill form once for each group of books or gifts to be wrapped.

Please use To, From, and Message boxes below for a small card to be included. Provide shipping address at check out.

Buy a sheet of premium gift wrap and get FREE gift wrapping services from Avid Bookshop!

Premium Gift Wrap: $5.75/sheet

  • Avid stocks gift wrap created by independent artists and small, creative companies. 

Premium Gift Wrapping Service: $9.70  $5.75 

  • Includes:
    • a gift wrap sheet of your choosing ($5.75 value)
    • an Avid Bookshop vinyl sticker ($3.95 value)
    • a bookish, #AvidExclusive  "to/from" label 
    • professional wrapping services from our booksellers
    • price is per wrapping job, not per book (in most cases, one sheet of gift wrap can be used to wrap more than 1 item but requests containing several books and separate packages may require more than one sheet)
  • We buy our gift wrap from independent artists and small creative companies. Each sheet is $5.75 and includes a complimentary Avid Bookshop sticker ($3.95 value) and gift wrapping service! 

Please note that specific styles pictured may be unavailable.


Please note styles pictured may not be available
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