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Looking for the perfect gift for the reader in your life but you know their shelves are crammed with books from Avid? Browse our selection of Avid Merch. If you're still stumped, Avid gift certificates can be slipped into the pages of any book and are sure to delight with possibility. Our monthly Avid book subscriptions are an excellent choice if you want to trust our expect booksellers to leave the decision making for 3 months and beyond.

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Limited-Time T-Shirt Pre-Sale
from Satisfactory Printing

The Avid-inspired design will add some pizzaz to the next video call you take in front of your expertly curated bookshelf. Available as a T-shirt, racer tank top, and hoodie. Sold through Avid friend Satisfactory Printing in Athens, GA.

Available for purchase until Sunday, May 24.

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Avid Book Subscription Program: Avid Snail Mail! #avidsnailmail

The Avid Book Subscriptions Program is one of the most wonderful services Avid provides. Each month, booksellers Julie and Katie hand-select a separate title for each subscriber, each one tailored to suit his, her, or their individual tastes.

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