Avid Snail Mail

Send a surprise through the mail to your friends, your family, or yourself. Our monthly subscriptions are a great option for those looking for a fresh, new read tailored to your individual tastes. Want a sample? Try our Snail Mail Surprise! Want a sticker? Try our Sticker Club! Keep scrolling to learn more about what we offer. 

(Note: You can actually choose contactless pick-up at checkout for most of these options too, but we recommend waiting for the surprise in the mail.)

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Avid Book Subscription Program: Avid Snail Mail! #avidsnailmail

The Avid Book Subscriptions Program is one of the most wonderful services Avid provides. Each month, booksellers Julie and Katie hand-select a separate title for each subscriber, each one tailored to suit his, her, or their individual tastes.

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