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Snail Mail Surprise


Introducing the AVID SNAIL MAIL SURPRISE! You tell us how many people* we're mailing books to. Tell us: their ages; a few things you know about their likes, dislikes, eccentricities, and obsessions; how old they are; and their mailing address(es). 

Our expert booksellers will pick out 1 book per person. This service costs only $20 per person. Know a family of 4 that could use some bookish mail? Our expert staff will choose a specific book for each person in the household and mail it, simply fill out this form for each person. We can either include a note saying it's from you ("This is a gift from Joe Schmo!") or keep it anonymous ("An Avid reader thought this might cheer you up.").

Shipping not included. Please enter shipping address at checkout. If you would like to place an order for more than one snail mail surprise to more than one address, please place a separate order.

*You can absolutely buy a surprise book for yourself.

We'll sometimes send more than one book depending on the books and the reader.
Best guess allowed!
Don't know? Tell us about a movie or TV show they like.
Guesses allowed!
150 Character Limit