"Take It Slow" Sweatshirt - Deep Forte


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We Avid Bookshop booksellers often talk about the way we want customers to feel when walking into the bookshop: at home, relaxed, comfortable, at peace. Never rushed. ⠀

Since we stopped allowing customers inside the shop beginning mid-March 2020, we have tried to make sure those of you shopping with us online or via the phone feel the same way you do in the shop: truly welcome and calm. Never rushed. ⠀

So when we started feeling external pressure to rush to order more supplies, rush to announce marketing plans, rush to go ahead and buy every book we think we might want to sell in the next 8 months, rush to do this, rush to do that, we took a deep collective breath. ⠀

We realized that this rush, rush, rush mentality really didn’t fit with Avid Bookshop. We reminded ourselves that we are experts when it comes to books and to customer service, and we had an option here: we could choose mindfulness and quiet in a time of great upheaval. Even if the book you’d hoped to buy is on back order due to pandemic-related supply chain issues, we won’t panic. We’ve got this! We are confident that we can help you find perfect books and gifts for everyone on your list—that’s where our expertise and customer service skills come in. ⠀

Luis Correa, our multitalented operations manager, was inspired by our group conversation and drew this lil’ snail. The adorable, calming artwork made us smile and inspired us to take a deep breath. Now this is what Avid should feel like. Reassuring, calm, kind, and affirming. ⠀

It’s okay to take time for yourself. It’s okay to resist the outside voices telling you to rush, rush, rush. In short: take it slow. ⠀

These limited-edition sweatshirts, created by Luis Correa in partnership with our friends at Athens’ own Satisfactory Screenprinting & Design, will keep you cozy and happy as you curl up with a warm beverage and a good book. ⠀

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